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Stray dog intrudes close to Pinarayi’s car

Kochi: A video of a stray dog intruding into the sanitised zone of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in New Delhi is becoming viral.

The security driving it away and the dog continuing to loiter in the vicinity of the Chief Minister is worth watching.

At a time when Kerala is groping in the dark in tackling the stray dog menace in the state, the incident has armed the state government to argue in its favour.

Since Delhi is ruled by Pinarayi’s close buddy Arvind Kejriwal, there is little scope for the CPM to criticize Aam Aadmi government’s inability in tackling stray dogs in Delhi.

However, Kerala can remain complacent as it stands second in having least number of stray dogs in the country with first with minimum dogs being BJP-ruled Assam as per statistics released by Union Animal Husbandry department in Lok Sabha.

Assam had 2.14 lakh stray dogs followed by Kerala which had 2.90 lakh. The BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh topped with maximum of 20.59 lakh stray dogs.

Interestingly, UP managed to bring down its population from 41.79 lakh in 2012 to 20.59 lakh in 2019.

Population of stray dogs in the country dropped from 1.71 crore in 2012 to 1.53 crore in 2019.

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