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Water level in Periyar river rises

Kochi: Water level continues to increase in the Periyar River after two shutters of another major dam Idamalayar were opened today even as the fury of rain has abated for the last few days.
About 100 cusecs water is being released to the Periyar river which is already getting high inflow from Idukki dam which was opened the other day following heavy inflow from Mullaperiyar dam.
Water level in Idukki dam was 2,386.86 feet against its Full Reservoir Level (FLR) of 2,402 feet while it was 139.55 against the permissible storage level of 142 feet even  as its FLR is 152.
At present 300 cusecs of water is being released from the Idukki dam causing inundation in some areas like Thadiyambadu.
Water discharge at Mullaperiyar dam  is 8,626 cusecs even as catchment areas of the dam are getting intermittent rains.
The Ernakulam district administration said that there is cause for concern now as the water level in the river is at a safe level.
The administration has arranged a 21 member NDRF team to deal with any situation.
The administration has asked the elected representatives and authorities concerned to remain vigilant.
In Palakkad, four shutters of the Malampuzha dam are open 55 centimeters .
Mukkai river is in spate due to which vehicular traffic through some areas have been suspended.
Siruvani dam sluice raised by 1.7 feet.
Water level in Kabani river went up after the shutter of Banasura sagar dam was opened. Water level was about 2,540 feet . Seventeen cusecs of water is  released from this dam.

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