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BJP plans to rule Kerala

Kochi: Amidst Lok Sabha polls, BJP has kicked off its preparations for the 30 months away Assembly polls in Kerala by announcing its plans to form a government with breakaway groups from the Congress and Left parties.
Claims of noted BJP leader Sobha Surendran, contesting from Alappuzha, that a top CPM leader E P Jayarajan had plans to join the BJP has sent shock waves in the CPM across the state.
Revelations by former Congress leader and Assam Chief Minister Hemantha Sarma of BJP that a big group of Congress leaders in Kerala is waiting to join the BJP after the polls to prepare the saffron party for assembly polls has hit the Congress hard. The Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and his daughter are facing serious allegations probed by the ED while Jayarajan is also embroiled in a few cases of irregularities.
BJP government’s slow pedaling on SNC Lavalin corruption case against Pinarayi has armed the parties in Kerala to accuse the BJP of having a secret understanding with the CPM for poll favors in Kerala.
The multicrore scam ridden Cooperative banks ruled by the Left parties and the Congress has put the two fronts in soup as the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) pursuing the investigation without any let up.
The Left Government’s dismal show in financial front and accute groupism in Congress has provided an ideal opportunity for the BJP to snatch power in the state polls.
The Financial crisis is so serious that the government staff are getting salaries very late while the social security pension has been suspended for several months.
All these issues have helped the BJP to call the shots.

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