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Cops arrest Imran Khan

​Kochi: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan of the Pakistan-Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)
was arrested in an alleged corruption case from a court today.
The 70-year-old former cricketer was taken into custody when he was preparing to enter the Islamabad High Court in connection with a case against him, media reports said.
The PTI have accused the police of dragging him out of the court after smashing the window panes, the reports said.
Khan, who had the other day made allegations against an official of the spy agency ISI, was arrested in the Qadir Trust land scam of Rs 530 million.
Pakistan Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah tweeted that Imran Khan was arrested as he had failed to appear before the court despite being issued several notices, the reports said.
Imran Khan had predicted his arrest in a video in which he reiterated his allegations against the ISI officer Major-General Faisal Naseer whom he accused of plotting to assassinate him.

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