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League’s blow to CPM

Kochi: The ruling BJP government’s move to implement Uniform Civil Code (UCC) has left the mainline political parties on a slippery track in Kerala where the Muslim League has resolved to remain with the Congress by skipping a seminar called by CPM against UCC at Kozhikode on July 15.
The League’s decision in this regard came after it found that the Congress was the only party capable to campaign against the UCC across the country, media reports said.
League general secretary P M A Salam told reporters that the League will not participate in the seminar that is not attended by the Congress.
While parties like Shiv Sena, AAP, AIADMK have backed the UCC, the Congress has not been able to announce its resolve at national level.
The CPM too has not clarified the stand taken by legendary Communist leader and late Chief Minister E M S Namboodiripad and other communist leaders in support of the UCC decades back.
On the other hand, the CPM is upbeat as another influential Muslim outfit Samastha has announced its plans to attend the seminar.
Interestingly, the league is divided on the issue as some senior leaders like P K Kunhalikutty and P M A Salam a reportedly in favour of attending the event.

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