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Modi bats for UCC

Kochi: Stating that the BJP was not for appeasement politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday hinted in favour of Uniform Civil Code (UCC), media reports said.
The Constitution favour equal rights and the Supreme Court is in its favour, Modi said while addressing BJP workers at Bhopal, the reports said.
Targeting political parties of misleading people on the matter, he said “these (Opposition) people are playing vote bank politics.”
He said those supporting triple talaq are doing a grave injustice to the Muslim women.
Political parties with vested interests are causing social rifts, he said.
Modi said that opposition parties were desperate and had joined hands to defeat the BJP. Their desperation is a sign of the BJP’s imminent win in 2024.
He described these parties as corrupt and that the people had to decide on the future of the country.
Modi said the BJP government will not spare corrupt parties. “Action is being taken against the corrupt then they are coming together,” Modi said.

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