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Pilgrimage to Mecca on foot

Kochi: A daring effort of a Kerala youtuber Shihab Chottur, 31, to attain the rare feat to reach Mecca on foot, walking 8,640 kms in February, 2023, has suffered a setback as Pakistan has reportedly refused visa even as Shihab has taken the matter lightly without blaming Pakistan. Punjab Shahi Imam Mohammad Usman Rehmani Ludhianvi has flayed Pakistan for thwarting Shibab’s bid to create a record of attaining the feat while Shihab has given clean chit to Pakistan.

Addressing the media, the Imam alleged that Pakistan had promised to issue the visa on Shihab’s arrival at the Attari border. But it has taken a U-turn on the issue denying Shihab his daring effort to walk 8,640 kms to achieve the feat. Shihab blamed it on the error committed by him in selecting the category of visa that led to the problem at the Wagah border following which he is being held up waiting for clearance after walking 3,200 kms, he said. Using social media, Shihab said he wanted a transit visa and not a tourist visa which can be attained in one hour.

He said the tourist visa could be used only to tour Pakistan and return back home. A transit visa was essential to travel through Pakistan and enter Iran and pass through Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Shihab said that the External Affairs Ministry had sought one document to issue the transit visa. After travelling 3,200 kms from his native place of Malapuram, Shihab reached Punjab on September 7 passing through Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat spending 126 days.

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