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India improves corruption rating

Kochi: India improved one point in reducing corruption by going one rung up in the ladder of Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for the year 2021 released by Germany-based Transparency International.

As per the latest ranking, India stood at 85th rank with a CPI of 40 against 86 rank with the same CPI in 2020, media reports quoting the NGO fighting against corruption said.

Pakistan’s situation worsened as the country fell to 140th position with a 28 CPI. It was ranked 124 with a CPI of 31 in 2020.

Sri Lanka was ranked at 102, Nepal 117, Bangladesh 147. China was in 66th position while the US at 27th.

The least corrupt countries were Denmark, Finland and New Zealand with 88 points while Singapore, Sweden and Norway were at second spot.

Somalia, Syria and South Sudan were on the rock bottom of corruption.

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