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‘Take jabs to fight Omicron’

Kochi: Kerala Health Minister Veena George has urged the people to remain extremely careful in the wake of Omicron variant of coronavirus being reported in neighbouring Karnataka.

She said people should stick to the basics of getting vaccinated, avoid gatherings, using masks, sanitisers, and keep a safe distance among others.

The state is strictly following the centre’s guidelines to deal with those coming from risk countries like observing a seven days’ quarantine.

Take RTPCR test on the eighth day. If found negative, observe self quarantine for seven days. Two per cent of those coming from non risk countries will be examined and if found negative will have a 14 days quarantine and  if found positive will be sent to special hospital treatment.

She said that all key departments like health, local bodies, police, and district administration would work in close coordination to meet the challenge to fight the new variant which is five times more virulent than the Delta variant which was hitherto considered more virulent. 

On November 25 South Africa reported to the WHO about Omicron strain in a test conducted on November 9.

The variant is confirmed in 29 countries with India adding more countries to the risk list. It is worrying that 50 percent of the daily cases reported in the country are from Kerala. 

Ninety Six percent of those above 18 years have been vaccinated with the first dose. Sixty-three percent have taken both doses. 

About 1.4 million people who are due to get vaccinated are evading the vaccine which is alarming.

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