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Hit heroine struggles to earn a living

Kochi: Destiny catapults one to the zenith of prosperity and also pulls down a wealthy to the girth of penury.
Such is the case with Aiswarya who once acted opposite Mohanlal and other popular stars in early nineties.
Daughter of yesteryear leading actor Laxmi, 
Aiswarya acted with Mohanlal in super hit films like Butterflies, Narasimham and Praja.
Aiswarya also acted in other hits like Jackpot, Satyamev jayate, Sharjah to Shrjah, Notebook among others.
A few years after getting married to Tanveer Ahmed in 1994, her life turned miserable as she fell addict to drugs. She divorced in 1996 and took rehabilitation measures to restart her life afresh. 
In an interview to Tamil media, Aiswarya, 51, said she is penniless and is in search of openings to earn a living.
Aiswarya said she  is selling soaps, visiting door to door and is willing to do any job including mopping floors and cleaning washrooms.
It was a break in TV serials with the help of Revathi Menon she managed to improve her financial condition.

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