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Railways cut rakes, Corona threat to people

Kochi: Corona cases are increasing rapidly in the country while the Railways seems to have taken it lightly.
The railways’ decision to reduce the number of compartments in many trains have not only caused harassment to the passengers, but also exposed them to the risk of contracting the virus as people are forced to travel in jam packed compartments.
Ironically, the railways are yet to relax some of the restrictions imposed when Covid infection was at its height.
These include locking of some exit points which were convenient for travellers to exit the railway station without crowding.
One such exit point is on the southern end of the Thrissur railway station in Kerala. This exit point was open to the travellers before the advent of Corona. As this exit is still closed, travellers crowd up near the main entrance exposing them to the deadly virus.
Similarly, the premium air conditioned waiting room operated by the Kudumbashree women’s self help group has remained closed for the last two years. This has not only rendered hundreds jobless, but also deprived the travellers of their right to enjoy a luxurious stay in the platform. 
If the railway babus are really worried over the safety of the people and if they are serious about protecting them from Corona, why are they doing something that would proliferate Corona.
Is the Railway Ministry aware of it? If the ministry is unaware of it then it is a serious matter which the BJP led government should ponder upon.

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