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Security lapse in Lok Sabha

Kochi: Lok Sabha witnessed a major security breach today coinciding with the attack on parliament 22th years back, media reports said.
Two persons below 30 years from the visitors’ gallery jumped into the chamber and sprayed green gas like things, Jebi Mather, MP, told Asianet.
They shouted slogans Tanashahi nahin chalegi, (down with autocracy)
Mather said.
They jumped into the seats of the members and started spraying the gas. Soon they were overpowered by the members and handed over to the security staff, Rajmohan Unnithan said.

Three persons including a woman discharged spray outside the parliament and shouted slogans.
The members were evicted from the house. Members complained of irritation due to the presence of smoke.
The zero hour was in progress when the incident took place.

There is four layer security screening in parliament.

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