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TFC seeks steps to control wild animal

Kochi: Thodupuzha Farmers Club (TFC) has appealed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to initiate birth control in wild animals to protect humans and their agricultural products from their attack.

The club also suggested selling excess wild animals like elephants and tigers to zoos in foreign countries, Tom Cherian, TFC president. 

Necessary steps should be taken to provide food by cultivating plantain, cashew, fruit trees and grass as fodder to prevent wild animals from venturing into human inhabited areas, he said.

The forest department should construct check dams to provide enough water for the animals in the forests. European countries, Canada, Australia, Africa and others have effectively prevented wild animals from straying out from forests, Cherian said. 

They have allowed hunting of animals and sell their meat in special shops. India should adopt the practice followed by developed countries in handling proliferation of wild animals, he said.

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