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UP Shocker: Headmaster dangles boy upside down from first floor of school building

Kochi: In a shocking incident, a headmaster of a school in Uttar Pradesh terrorised a six-year-old boy by hanging him upside down from the first floor of the school building to discipline him for playing mischief.

Manoj Vishwakarma of the privately managed Sadbhavana Shikshan Sansthan in Mirzapur was arrested by the police after the news spread like wildfire on social media, media reports said. 

The incident happened in front of other students. The boy was punished for going out and eating street food. The boy wailed in fear and apologised to the teacher after which he was pulled back to the first floor, the reports said.

While the public used social media to shower abuse on the teacher, the boy’s father Ranjit Yadav justified the action of the teacher. The teacher said that he punished the student due to wrongdoing and had no intention to terrorise him but only wanted to reform him.

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