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Kerala least poor state

Kochi: Kerala is the least poor state while Bihar stands at the lowest rung as per the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) of the Niti Aayog.

The MPI of Kerala is 0.71 percent, Goa 3.76 percent, Sikkim 3.82 percent, Tamil Nadu 4.89 percent, Punjab 5.59 percent.

The state with highest MPI is Bihar 51.91 percent, Jharkhand 42.16 percent, UP 37.79 percent, MP 36.65 percent, Meghalaya 32.17 percent.

Pondicherry with 1.72 percent leads the index among the least poor Union Territories. Lakshadweep 
comes second with1.82 percent, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 4.30 percent, Delhi 4.71 percent.
Dadra and Nagar with 27.36 percent lead the union territories with highest MPI.

Other regions include Jammu and Kashmir and Laddak 12.58 percent, Daman and Diu 6.82 percent, Chandigarh 5.97 percent.

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