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Cops nab PM threatener

Kochi: The person, who issued life threat to the Prime Minister during his Kerala trip to trap his enemy, has landed in police custody, media reports said.
Manjadikkal Xavier, running a catering business, was arrested by the police for writing the letter with intention of trapping his bete noire Joseph John whose name and phone number were mentioned in the letter, the reports said.
On questioning John, he denied writing the letter and expressed suspicion about Xavier.
The threat letter was first received at BJP state headquarters on April 18.
The police also examined Xavier’s handwriting scientifically before arresting him.
Initially he denied it, but later broke down.
The two had fallen out over some financial issues related to a church.
The letter had issued threat to target Modi through suicide attack.
Modi is scheduled to participate in a road show and a youth summit in Kochi on April 24 and flag off Vande Bharat Express Train from Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway station and launch Kochi water metro the next day.

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