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Twenty20 resolved to crush rivals

Kochi: Salute to the daring twenty20 leaders like Nisha Aliyar who fearlessly confessed before the world how her colleague Deepu
was bashed by CPM workers before he died on Friday.

Even as the public is scared to speak up against the ruling party fearing violent repercussions, the agonized Nisha was seen blurting out her anger against the CPM activists who kicked Deepu mercilessly.

It was based on her confessions that the police had registered an FIR against the accused who have since been arrested.
Now Deepu’s father has also come forward claiming to be a witness to the violence against his son.

He said he was silent about it as the accused had threatened him against speaking anything about what he had seen, media reports said.

The courage shown by the twenty20 leaders and their supporters who had elected them to four panchayats is a harbinger of value-based politics catching root in the state.

Such incidents are a blot on CPM and it is high time the party devised new plans to deal with outfits like Twenty20 which has proved its mettle.

The allegations made by Twenty20 founder and leading readymade exporter Sabu Jacob that P V Sreenijan is the prime accused in the Deepu case cannot be taken lightly.

The political parties should accept the fact that it was the widespread corruption in the last several decades that helped Twenty20 to capture power at Kizhakkambalam panchayat in 2015 and made it the only panchayat to have surplus budget.
Though the movement may appear small, but it can proliferate across the state threatening the very existence of other parties.

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