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Discussion on gold smuggling shocks many

Kochi: After refusing permission to discuss diplomatic gold smuggling issue twice, the 
Speaker’s permission to discuss the matter 
had shocked many.
The demand to discuss the matter in August 2021, and February 2022 were rejected by the Speaker.
The issue was taken up for discussion after the Speaker granted permission for Congress leader Shafi Parambil’s adjournment motion in this regard.
The discussion was held for three and half hours and the Chief Minister took about 50 minutes to reply to the motion.
Once Pinarayi lost his cool when Congress leader Mathew Kuzhalnadan referred the name of Chief Minister’s daughter, whose website, he alleged had described pricewaterhousecoopers Director Jaik Balakrishnan as her mentor.
Pinarayi reminded Mathew to maintain the dignity of house which should not be made a platform to speak about someone sitting at home.
He said by referring such nonsense and baseless things he would not succed in provoking him.
About ten questions raised by the Opposition were ignored by Pinarayi who instead listed out a few questions that the opposition did not ask him as the answers would be embarassing for the Congress and the BJP.

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