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Female Don Anuradha, partner arrested by Delhi cops

Kochi: Female Don Anuradha and her notorious criminal partner Kala Jathedi were nabbed by police in New Delhi after making meticulous planning. An AK 47 specialist, Anuradha was lieutenant of noted gangster Anandpal Singh who was killed in an encounter at Churu in Rajasthan in 2017. Anuradha went underground and was associated with Jathedi’s friend Bishnoi. She became close to Jathedi last year and the two were living together. 

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Manishi Chandra said that Jathedi, who had a bounty of Rs 6 lakhs on him, was wanted in more than 25 cases. Police is probing Jathedi’s links with the Sagar Dhankar murder case in which two-time Olympic gold medalist Sushil Kumar was arrested. Chandra said that police had already apprehended 20 important members of the gang. Jathedi was last arrested by Haryana Police in 2012 and fled police custody in 2020. After the escape, they were jointly operating a major international criminal alliance in Thailand, Canada and the U.K. 

“They were engaged in high-profile extortions, firearms smuggling and land grabbing. They eliminated 20 rivals to in the last two years to remain on top in the underworld in the region” Chandra said. Jathedi is allegedly involved in more than 40 cases of murder, extortion and kidnapping in Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, UP and Punjab. Anuradha is allegedly involved in several murder and extortion cases.  

Police team travelled more than 10,000 km in search of the accused. The duo was caught in Saharanpur on Friday night. They often changed vehicles and phones to deceive police. Jathedi was is a Sikh attire carrying a fake ID card as Puneet Bhalla, while Anuradha impersonated as his wife Pooja.

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