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Agnitheertham a possible corona hotspot

Rameshwaram: The seashore of Rameswaram island sports a scary look as  thousands converge everyday to offer tributes to the departed souls agnitheertham amidst increasing threats of Corona.

People from different parts of the globe reach here to perform the rites under the belief that it would help the childless to beget offsprings, departed souls escape from the cycle of birth and death and the like.

Instead of doing it under Covid protocol norms, pilgrims gather in large numbers at a particular place in agnitheertham.
There is no sign of police, health or municipality authorities to regulate the crowd even as a pre-recorded message is played over the public address system warning people against violating COVID norms. But no one cares.

With Tamil Nadu reporting a large number of Omicron cases every day, there are chances of things slipping out of the hands.

Even as the state government has announced a partial lockdown coinciding in Dhanushkodi, more stringent curbs in such places would only help in arresting the spread of Corona in the state.

Spitting in public, open urination, littering are common sights in the area. The comfort stations are filthy.

Majority of the people are seen without masks or maintaining social distance across the state.

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