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Imran gets huge public support

Kochi: Ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan
of Pakistan has succeeded in generating sympathy as people across the country took to the streets to express solidarity with him.

” A new Freedom struggle has begun…”, Imran posted on twitter, media reports said.

This would help him considerably to garner more votes in the next election.
Youngsters formed the majority of the protesters who shouted slogans against the opposition parties for kicking out the former world cup winning captain from power.

The city of Karachi and Islamabad witnessed mass protests and support by people flashing party flags for Imran who lost majority in the parliament.

Imran, heading the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI), is using the opportunity to accuse the US for conspiring for his removal angered over his support to China and his visit to Russia amidst its war against Ukraine.

Imran, who became the first prime minister to be expelled democratic procedure of no confidence motion, had antagonized the US by supporting Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.
Imran had accused the Opposition of taking the country to a crisis due to mass corruption.

Imran Khan had also shown a soft corner towards India by praising Modi’s policies as a counter to the reports that his government had failed to draft a policy on association with India.

Wealthy businessman Shahbaz Sharif, brother of three time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who had worked hard to strengthen ties with India, is tipped to become the new Prime Minister. Sharif has said that the new government will work towards rebuilding the country.

Sharif will also work towards improving ties with the US.

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