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Investor accuses official of harassment

Kochi: Exposing the “investors unfriendly” policies of the LDF government in Kerala, a NRI businessman picketed a panchayat in Kottayam seeking a number for his Rs 25 crore new venture today, media reports said.
Police forcefully removed Shajimon George from the Manjoor panchayat office where he started his protest accusing the officials of having a vendetta against him for trapping a corrupt official by vigilance sleuths for seeking bribe a few months back, the reports said.
The frustrated NRI continued his protest on the road where he was dumped by the police, the reports said.
Earlier, Mons Joseph, MLA, held discussion with the panchayat officials before George commenced his protest.
The panchayat assured Mons to take up the matter at the district level committee provided George produced five documents, Panchayat president Komalavally said.
George said he was not impressed with the promises and that he would not discuss the matter with the panchayat in future.
George said he was willing to discuss with the minister or else he would take legal recourse.
The matter had received tremendous public attention after the media gave wide coverage to the hardships faced by George in floating his new venture.
Investors are falling prey to bureaucracy even as the left government claims Kerala as one of the best destinations for investment.
Tired of facing harassment from government officials and politicians, world’s largest readymade garment exporting company Kitex promoter Sabu Jacob was forced to start his own political party to fight corruption in Ernakulam. His party Twenty twenty is in power in four panchayats.
Sabu continued to face harassment forcing him to park his Rs 3000 crore investment to Telengana which he had originally planned to spend in Kerala.

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