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Kerala newborn ‘missing’ case; court stays adoption procedures

Kochi: In a new twist to the reported missing case of Anupama’s child, a court stayed the legal procedures pertaining to the adoption of the child. The Thiruvananthapuram Family Court said that before winding up the legal procedures of adoption, the veracity of the child’s biological mother’s claim should be ascertained.

The court wanted to know if the child was abandoned or was taken away from the mother without her knowledge.

The court decision came in the wake of the government and the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) moving the court seeking a stay on the adoption procedures. 

The CWC claimed that the child was abandoned. The government has started an investigation into the matter.

There are reports that the child is with a couple from Andhra Pradesh who have reportedly adopted the child.

Court will hold a detailed hearing on November 1 in the matter. Anupama said that she had filed a complaint with local police on April 13 and then approached all the government authorities including Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and others to get back the child. But they didn’t help her, she said. 

“If cops and authorities concerned had taken timely action, this would not have happened to my baby. I am hopeful of getting back my child. I will also pursue legal action against persons including my father for taking away my baby from me without my permission,” she added. 

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