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Kerala records one-third of Covid -19 cases

Kochi: According to Covid-19 data recorded at the national level on Monday one third of the newly reported cases each day in the country are in Kerala. Maharashtra is faring much better as it has only one third cases reported in the country. Since both Kerala and Maharashtra appears to be on equal terms with regard to the daily reported cases, Maharashtra is about ten times the size of Kerala and population density much less. 

The number of new cases is more than those who recover from the disease in Kerala. Pandemic reproduction value or R Value is 1.09 which signifies the intensity with which the virus spreads. R Value is the gauge to measure the speed with which the virus is spreads. If the R Value is two it signifies that four people are vulnerable to get infected from two. Total deaths in the state have crossed 16,000. 

The month of June recorded maximum deaths of 4,450 since the pandemic hit the state. Experts caution that the third wave would strike in the country in September if raising number of Covid cases are not taken seriously. The state government has expressed confidence to deal with the third wave through mass vaccination.

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