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Kovind praises vibrancy of democracy

Kochi: President Ram Nath Kovind demitted office on Sunday after completing his full term as the president of the country.

Kovind hailed the ‘power of vibrant democratic system’ of the country and said the specialty of Indian culture is its strong bonding.

Praising the vibrancy of democracy, Kovind said he grew up in a very ordinary family in Paraunkh village of Kanpur Dehat district and reached the top constitutional post.

Kovind extended his gratitude to all and said he received full cooperation, support and blessings from all sections of society.

Kovind said so many great minds had come together for a common cause. “The names of many of the heroes who brought hopes of a new dawn have long been forgotten. Contributions of some of them have come to be appreciated only in recent times,” he said.

President elect Droupadi Murmu will take oath at the Central Hall of the Parliament Monday.

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