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Mass train cancellation via Kottayam

Kochi: Mass cancellation of trains passing through Kottayam in the name of doubling work has hit passengers hard.
Twenty-One trains have been canceled via Kottayam from today till May 28 for completion of the doubling work.
Ten hours restrictions from 7.45 am to 5.45 pm will be there from May 24 to 28.
People, mainly women, traveling to different places of their work from various stations on this route are those worst hit.
The railways have cited reasons like single track in Alappuzha section and lack of facilities in Ernakulam junction for the cancellation.
This has helped private bus operators in a big way as they are running packed services after the restrictions were imposed.
Restrictions were imposed intermittently during the last several months in the name of track work and the like.

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