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NRI says he is not VIP

Kochi: In a surprise move, actor Dileep’s business partner Mehboob in Kottayam has come forward to say that he was not the ‘VIP’ described by Director Balachandra Kumar.

With Kumar identifying the VIP out of the six photos shown by the police, Mehboob invited the media at his house in Kottayam to reject that he was not the controversial VIP on Saturday.

Balachandra Kumar claimed that he had seen the VIP giving the copy of video clippings of actor abuse to Dileep.

Mehboob said that he got worried as he started getting phone calls from Delhi and other places asking if he had any connection in the case.

The NRI denied seeing Balachandra Kumar.
Mehboob, who was running a three star hotel in Kottayam, said he had only business ties with Dileep in ‘dhe puttu’ restaurant.

He said he had met Dileep only three times. He agreed that he had met Dileep at his house in Aluva, but he had no idea the date.

The over 60 year old NRI, said that there was Kavya Madhavan, her parents and others in Dileep’s house when he went there. 

He agreed that Kavya used to call her ‘ikka’ (brother).
Mehboob said he would fully cooperate with the police. He said he was willing to undergo any lie detection or narco analysis test.

Balachandra Kumar had claimed that he was a witness to the VIP handing over the abuse video of the actor and alleged that the VIP had conspired to harm police officials who investigated against Dileep.

Actor Dileep is an accused in the actor abuse case that happened on February 17, 2017. It may be noted that the police have not named Mehboob in the case.

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