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Osama’s son seeks apology

Kochi: Terror outfit Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden’s son has reportedly sought apologies from the world for all wrongdoings of father. Omar bin Laden told an Israeli media that he had realized the deeds of his father due to which so many people lost their lives 

He said his father hated his enemies more than he loved his sons. Omar was tipped to be chief of the outfit after Osama was killed by the US a few years ago. However,  he refused to budge into the pressure. 

He said he felt he had wasted his time training in Al Qaeda. His father had exhorted him and his siblings to lay down their lives for jihad, Omar, the fourth son of Osama, told the Israeli media, reports that appeared in an online media said. He broke off with his father and left Afghanistan in 2001 after remaining there since 1996. 

Omar, who lives in Normandy in France as an artist,  said that the family title tagged to his name had caused a lot of problems for him mainly in Arab countries. Some liked him but many hated him or were scared of him. It was not the case in the western world.  

It was his dream to visit the US during the tenure of Joe Biden, he said, adding that he was hopeful that Biden had a very big heart to forgive all. He said he was not worried about anyone’s faith and wanted to be good to all without religious barriers. 

His mother in law was a Jew and that he would consider himself lucky to get a chance to visit Israel. His wife has got an invite from a university in Israel to speak on peace.

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