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Panchayat Prez attacks govt medico; doctors boycott OP

Kochi: A panchayat president and his associates were booked under non-bailable offence for allegedly assaulting a doctor in a government hospital in Kollam on Thursday night. Doctors in Shasthamkotta Taluk Hospital are boycotting outpatient duties protesting against the assault, media reports said. 

It all started when the Shooranad North panchayat president and others came to the hospital seeking doctor’s certification about the death of a woman who fell into a well. They wanted the doctor to diagnose the woman who was outside the hospital building. 

When the doctor asked them to subject the woman to undergo covid 19 protocol to confirm the death, the panchayath president and others got agitated and allegedly pulled up a fight with the doctor who tried to record it using a mobile phone. This led to further problems leading to violence. The doctor has given a written complaint against the president for causing injuries to him.

On the contrary, the panchayath president and others have lodged a counter-complaint against the doctor. When contacted,  a member of the panchayat told the that there were several allegations against the doctor and it was the doctor who first attacked the panchayat member.

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