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Pinarayi meets Modi on K-Rail project

Kochi: In an interesting situation Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan met Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking an urgent nod for the K-rail project which is being opposed by Modi’s BJP in Kerala.

Ironically, when Pinarayi was meeting Modi, a few BJP’s youth wing activists intruded into the Chief Minister residence Cliff House to erect K-rail survey stones brought from Chirayankizhil. The police came to know about it much later.

It remains to be seen what political move the BJP would take  in this regard even as the Indian Railways has shown some reluctance on the project.

It is not known what transpired during the 20 minute Pinarayi- Modi meeting at the Prime Minister’s office in Parliament
Pinarayi was accompanied by Kerala Chief Secretary and John Britas, MP, during the meeting.

Meanwhile, the Congress which has lost its steam is fighting a lost battle against the strong willed LDF government which has made its intention very clear on the project.

A march was taken out by the Congress leaders including some of its MPs to Parliament which ended in a clash with the police.
The Center’s delay in giving its nod to the much touted Silverline rail project from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasaragod has put the Rs 63,940.67 crore project in suspense even as the state government has started groundwork.

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