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Pinarayi’s BBC stand upsets public

Kochi: A day after depriving people of their right to free movement, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has underscored the need to uphold press freedom in the backdrop of the raids at the BBC offices in the country inviting harsh criticism from the public.

In his twitter message, Pinarayi said the unprecedented actions taken by the IT department at the BBC’s Indian offices are highly questionable while the twitter replies have flayed Pinarayi for depriving freedom of the public during his travel across the state.

Responding to Pinarayi’s message that infringement on press freedom is objectionable and can embarrass our nation on the international stage, a person asked why ex CPM leader T P Chandrashekharan was slayed for making his expression openly.

Another reply asked why journalist Nandakumar was arrested for speaking against the Chief Minister and others in the government. 

One reply said that the IT department had found over Rs 2,500 crore tax evasion by BBC and asked if the LDF government was endorsing tax evasion.

Pinarayi’s travel caused immense problems to the public inviting widespread criticism in the social media and mainline media even as the government has not raised a finger against the cops who misbehaved with a young woman for flashing a black flag against Pinarayi and a person for parking his car near a medical shop to buy medicines for his son in Ernakulam.

Pinarayi’s movement created huge roadblocks and the police were given all the powers to handle the public with iron hand.

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