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Protesters flay judiciary, LDF government

Kochi: Actor assault case is turning into a major issue that is not only tarnishing the image of the LDF government but also impacting the judicial system in the state.

A one day fast organised in support of the survivor at Vanji Square near Kerala High Court on Sunday saw most of the speakers criticising the Judiciary and LDF government blatantly accusing them of being heavily loaded in favour of actor Dileep who is an accused in the actor assault case of February 17, 2017.

Perhaps for the first time in the country’s history the judiciary was facing criticised in the harshest manner.

Lawyers like Mini, A Jayasankar, technocrat and social activist C R Neelakantan, and many more flayed the LDF government and mainly the former DGP Loknath Behera of misusing his powers to prevent the arrest of Dileep in 2017.

ADGP B Sandhya who ignored the directions of Behera sent Dileep behind bars costing her professional benefits like the post of state police chief, a speaker said.

The development gives an insight into a possible situation in future when people would get into the street challenging the constitutional bodies is the government or any of the pillars of democracy becomes weak.

It was scary to see speakers saying that they were prepared to face any consequences for their utterances.

Large number of people turned out in support of the protest during which entertainment programmes like rendition of songs were held.

There was a candlelight protest attended by large number of people extending solidarity behind the survivor in the night.

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