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Protests lead to delay in fireworks

Kochi: The sample fireworks of Thrissur Pooram happening after a gap of two years was marred by arguments and protests following restrictions imposed by the authorities in Swaraj Round against viewing the event from close quarters tonight.
The event which was scheduled to start at 7 pm began one hour behind schedule.
The spectacular event whipped up the energy and vigour in people who became overwhelmed and went ecstatic after witnessing the initial display.
The fireworks by Thiruvambady began by 
9.50. Flash and led parachutes made the crowd cheerful.
P C Varghese of Vellikulangara had taken the contract for Paramekkavu temple fireworks.
For the first time in the history of the festival, a woman, Sheena Suresh of Kundanoor was carrying out the fireworks for Thiruvambady temple.
The restrictions in the entry of crowd to Nehru park to Jose Theater provoked the public who were pacified by ministers R Rajan, K Radhakrishnan and R Bindu.
Dewaswom authorities asked why the event was being organised if there were restrictions on watching it.
Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization had suggested the safety measures based on which the restrictions were imposed, police said.
The issue was settled for the time being by arriving at a resolution to discuss the matter on Monday.

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