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AAP sounds warning bells

Kochi: The BJP may have done well in the polls, but the humble Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) has sent the warning bells to political parties as it is going to come to power in Punjab.

No doubt it is the tremendous achievement of its popular leader Arvind Kejriwal who set examples of governing a region through value based politics.

An IIT degree holder and a winner of Indian Revenue Service, Kejriwal had shown his mettle when he came to power for the third time in Delhi, nudging behind premier Narendra Modi’s party which was once its stronghold.

It is a warning bell to the mighty BJP which always wins using the saffron card. This is not going to sell everytime.

BJP might have performed well in UP, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, but it will find it tough to take on AAP in the coming elections.

Wherever BJP will form government, it should take note of the march of AAP which can create history if tied up with Mamta Banerjee of Bengal.

The 20Twenty20, led by businessnan turned politician Sabu Jacob, has already started groundwork in Kerala and the main victim is going to be LDF as Congress is busy fighting internal war.

Leaders like Sreenijan, MLA, are a bane for the LDF which is comparatively better in its party discipline and governance.

Sabu Jacob has proved that he has the stuff and if gets the right political partner, he can crush create history in Kerala.

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