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BJP returns to power in four states

Kochi: Mamta Bannerji’s Trinamool Congress (TC) has done a commendable job by winning five seats in Goa where BJP was leading to come to power today.

No doubt Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) deserves a pat on its back for grabbing power from the grand old party Congress in Punjab, TC’s success at a far off place from Bengal might have even shocked the party bosses.

This is something like DMK winning in Punjab. Punjab’s proximity to Delhi and its cultural affinity with the national capital was an advantage for AAP.

However, the rightist BJP should not feel complacent for their victories in UP, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa and start seeing TC and AAP as tough rivals.

No doubt BJP has done well in Manipur by winning an additional six seats to end up leading in a total of 31 seats out of 60.

It was a heavy loss for the Congress in Manipur where it lost 19 seats won in 2017.
The grand old party Congress is licking its wounds suffered at the hands of AAP in Punjab.

The BJP has created history by leading in 273 seats to occupy power in Uttar Pradesh.

In Uttarakhand, BJP is likely to retain power by leading in 44 seats out of 70. The Congress, which was tipped to come to power here, won 22 seats losing 13 it had won last time.

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