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Putin praises Modi

Kochi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi came in for strong applause from 
Russian President Vladimir Putin for India adopting “independent foreign policy”.
Putin praised Modi giving priority to people’s interest in continuing trade with Moscow despite western sanctions.
“He is one of those people who is capable of carrying out an independent foreign policy…,” media reports quoting Putin said.
Putin said “…he is like an ice-breaker and continues moving in the direction which the Indian state needs.” 
Speaking at a plenary session of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Moscow on Thursday, Putin described Modi a “patriot”, and underscored the historical ties shared between the two countries.
Putin said “… We have a special relationship with India. It has been underpinned by a close ally relationship of many decades.”
“…His idea of ‘Make in India’ matters both economic wise and in ethics. The future belongs to India. It can be proud of the fact that it is the largest democracy in the world.”
Flaying those inciting Russia-Ukraine conflict, Putin accused the US fiddling 
China’s sovereignty in Taiwan.
Describing the coming important, Putin expressed fear that the next ten years would be more dangerous and unpredictable after World War II.

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