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Sr. Jesme donates her savings, properties for a cause

Kochi: Practice what you preach is what the rebel nun and author Sr Jesme has done by donating her cash and property to a voluntary outfit named Solace.  

A Catholic by birth, the 65-year-old nun shot to limelight when she fell out with the church citing the atrocities meted out by it on the faithful and torture of nuns in convents. The apartments in Guruvayur and Thrissur, bank deposits, royalty from her books, are among her properties which she would bestow on the outfit. A death Will in this regard has been prepared, she told reporters in Thrissur the other day. She handed the documents of Guruvayur flat to Sheeba Ameer founder of Solace. The flat would be let out on rent and the proceeds would be used for social services. The cost of the flat is about Rs 30 lakh. 

Sr Jesme took a doctorate in English Literature and was vice-principal at Vimala College from 2002 to 2005. She then joined St. Mary’s College in Thrissur as Principal, in 2005 and served till 2008. She quit the church in 2008 by opting for a VRS as principal of Vimala College, Thrissur. She was forced to leave as the member of the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC). 

Her experiences with the Church are recounted in her book, ‘Amen – The Autobiography of a Nun’. The book speaks about sexual abuse, humiliation and mental torture happening at the seminary (Congregation of the Mother of Carmelites). She has penned eight books.

She said she would continue to speak against injustice. Sr Jesme said that her campaign against the church had encouraged other nuns to fight for justice against Jalandhar Bishop, who is now an accused in a case for raping a nun. She said she was instrumental in encouraging Sr Lucy Kalapurkkal to fight against the church.  

Sr Jesme said she was proud to be associated with Solace which was engaged in commendable work. Solace is engaged in a number of charity works including treatment of 3,000 cancer infected children and kids suffering from long term illnesses. Solace is getting about Rs 2 crore as donations from benevolent people across the globe every year.

 Sheeba Ameer is the founder of Solace headquartered in Thrissur.

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