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BJP-CPM beat Trinamool

Kochi: The BJP-CPM alliance in West Bengal has crushed Trinamool Congress in local 
election in Midnapore giving rise to debate over similar associations across the country.

The Left and Right tie-up saw the ruling party in the state facing a setback in the hands of  West Bengal Cooperative Bachao Samiti floated by the BJP and CPM in Nandakumar Block Berhampur Co-operative Agricultural Credit Society Limited elections.

While TMC has questioned the credibility of the alliance between the parties following two extreme ideologies, the BJP alliance justifed the tie-up saying that it was needed to stop the Trinamool Congress’ march. The BJP has used the official Facebook account in West Bengal to congratulate the members.

Out of 63 seats, 52 were won unopposed by the members of the West Bengal Cooperative Bachao Samiti. The development will lead to new debates across the country where CPM has lost its grip in many states. The CPM leadership in states like Kerala will struggle to face the public on the coalition.

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