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Tranquiliser shot at Arikkomban

Kochi: The Forest task force has successfully fired tranquiliser at rice addict tusker ‘Arikomban’ near Chinnakkanal in Idukki on Saturday.
Chief Veterinary Officer Arun Zachariah supervised the firing forcing the tusker to move to a shady area, media reports said.
The tusker was not tranquilised even after about one hour of the firing, the reports said.

Kunki elephants were moved towards Arikkomban which appeared unmoved.
The task force has made all arrangements to force the elephant to take it to a location like Periyar Tiger Reserve, which is not confirmed.
They would also radio collar the tusker.
The 25-year-old Rogue elephant Arikkomban
had escaped from a similar attempt in 2017.
A total of 150-member Operation Arikomban team is engaged in the operation.
Curfew imposed in a few panchayat wards of Santhanpara will continue on Saturday.
Arikkomban has an addiction to eating rice at
target ration shops and houses for it. The elephant has claimed over seven lives in Idukki.
The mission was set up as per the direction of Kerala High Court. The forest department is also planning to radio collar it once it is trapped.
People for Animals (PFA), Thiruvananthapuram unit and the Walking Eye Foundation for Animal Advocacy have opposed any plans to keep it in captivity.

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