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Thechikkottukavu Raman returns

Kochi: Return of tusker 57-year-old Thechikkottukaavu Ramachandran to the king of festivals Thrissur Poorn has ignited thrill among pooram lovers today.
After keeping off for three years from taking part in any festivals, mainly, Thrissur Pooram, the one eyed Ramachandran, (Alias) Raman, has returned to carry the Thidambu of Neithilathukavvu temple on his back to Vadakkumnathan Siva temple taking the festival to its glory.
Raman had last appeared in the 2019 festival when he went berserk due to fireworks, leading to a stampede claiming two lives after which he was banned for temple or other such functions.
Born in Bihar and named Moti Prasad, Raman was bought by the temple management of Thechikottukavu in 1984 with the help of the people in Peramangalam.
Tallest among captive elephants in the state of Kerala, the 10.53 feet tall Raman is known for his elegance in walking and wide head among others.
Also known as Gajaraja kesri, Gaja Samrat and Gaja Chakravarthy, Raman lost his popularity when he attacked another 70 year old elephant which became sick and died afte three years. A few such incidents like killing of 13 persons and another elephant, made it unpopular in the temple for its aggressive demeanor. It was relegated to a taming camp where Raman was given limited food. Raman had also suffered injury in his left eye. There are also unconfirmed reports of a mahout inflicting the injury leading to it suffering eye problems.
A new mahout Mani from Palakkad brought round Raman by offering good food of its choice. Raman also became quiet and started taking part in participating in temple festivals including Thrissur Pooram.
Also known as killer giant, Raman is in great demand during festival season by taking part in a maximum of 157 events. His popularity can be gauged by the size of 1,22,000 follower on Facebook.

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