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“Volvo buses may become poultry farms”

Kochi: The Newgen party Twenty20 has said that the LDF government may convert the Rs 75 lakh imported Volvo buses into poultry farms soon.
Taking a dig at the Kerala government’s plans to turn KSRTC Volvo buses into classrooms, party Chief Coordinator Sabu M Jacob said no one should be surprised if the Agriculture Minister came out with an announcement in a week to use these buses to grow good quality egg-laying hens.

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Mocking the Transport Minister’s classroom plans, the chief of the world’s largest readymade exporting company KITEX group said that the idea would even shock the NASA scientists.
Talking to a TV channel, he said no one in the world would have heard of such an Idea.
Criticizing the government, he said the air conditioned buses bought for Rs 75 lakh each are left to rot for lack of protection and then used as classrooms.
Only Rs 7 Lakh is needed to build a classroom to accommodate 40 students, he said.

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