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China fires missiles into Taiwan sea

Kochi: China continued its military acrobatics to give vent to its frustration over US house speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan despite China’s warning.

China fired a number of ballistic missiles into the sea close to Taiwan’s north east and south west coast ignoring the heavy traffic of ships and flights passing through the zone, media reports said.

Due to this, flights and ships are being rerouted. Taiwan has cancelled a number of international flights to different countries.
China had conducted military drills off Taiwan coast, the reports said.

China claims Taiwan as its province and is making plans to bring the island under its control even as the Taiwanese government and the people are ready to fight out China at all costs.

Even as the US does not officially recognise Taiwan, America is a big supplier of arms to the nation. Taiwan said it is militarily prepared to face any attack against it.

The US has sent its naval carrier USS Ronald Reagan towards the region. The US has sent a reconnaissance aircraft from Japan to monitor the situation.

Taiwan has a constitution, democratically elected government and well trained and equipped armed forces run by three lakh troops.

Taiwan is officially called the Republic of China RoC having its capital at Taipei. Even though it was recognised as a country by the UN from 1949 to 1971, it is not in the UN and is identified as a territory. Only Vatican City and 13 of the 193 UN countries recognise Taiwan.

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