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Human sacrifice kills 2 women

Kochi: Two women fell victims to human sacrifice carried out by a husband and wife in pursuit of prosperity and happiness in their family near Thiruvalla in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala, media reports said.

Padma of Ponnurunni and Roseline of Kalady were lured by an agent Mohammad Shafi (alias) Shihab of Perumbavur and taken to Thiruvalla for the sacrifice carried out by Bhagaval Singh and wife Laila. The three have been arrested, the reports said.

The kingpin of the crime was Shihab who had posted an advertisement on his fake Facebook account. Singh and Laila saw it and approached Shihab who took Roseline to Tiruvalla six months back in June. Though there was a missing case against Roseline, the police were not able to trace her.

It was the complaint about missing of
Padma from September 26 that helped police to unearth the crime. Police used the mobile phone location of Padmam to trace her. The second sacrifice was carried out as per the advice of Shihab. The two women were said to be lottery vendors. Shihab and the Singh and Laila carried out the sacrifice by chopping off their heads.

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