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Govt kneels down before African snails

Kochi: A few selfless people have come forward to eradicate the destructive Giant African snails even as the government agencies may have failed to deal with it.

A panchayat ward in Muhamma is offering free tickets on Kochi Metro for ten people for destroying maximum snails. The offer that started on December 1 is open till December 10.

The ward member is confident of fully eradicating the snails in one-year time.

A similar offer was given to top snail killers in the ward sometime back offering mega jackpot of Kerala lotteries.

The Tavanur panchayat in Malappuram called a meeting mainly to discuss the matter sometime back. 

A researcher, who was their advisor, is supporting them in their endeavours, and assured them that their mission would become successful if it was sustainable.

A few morning walkers in Njarakkal and Nayarambalam in Ernakulam have embarked on a plan to fight the menace. Catching them and putting them in saline solution. 

There are many good Samaritans engaged in the good cause without getting any remuneration. But then why are the agricultural universities, forest department, agriculture department,  research institutions, and similar organizations drawing huge salaries and not taking any strong initiative to fight the menace of Achatina Fulica?

A carrier of meningitis-causing parasites, the snails have spread to all districts in the state barring Idukki and Wayanad.

It’s menace is unbearable in major cities like Ernakulam Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta, Muzhappilangad, Parassinikadavu in Kannur.
Several panchayats brought this matter before the government in vain.

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