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BJP faces uphill task

Kochi: The rightist BJP scripted a new chapter in the political history by making a hat trick to win the Lok Sabha polls equalling the feat of country’s first Premier Jawaharlal Nehru.

However, there is no scope for the saffron party to bask over the victory as it runs short of numbers to prove majority single handedly.

BJP’s slogan of charso paar (over 400 seats) fell flat as the alliance could not even cross the 300 mark.

Things would become really challenging in the event of allies like JDU pulling out of the alliance in case of differences. This takes the party back to Vajpayee era of late nineties when the allies called the shots and black mailed for favours.

The situation is also not good for I.N.D.I. alliance as it can face the threat of drain of leaders of Congress and other parties migrating to the rival camp of BJP.

Keeping away from power for over a decade would have exhausted many parties in the Congress-led alliance and risk the drain of leaders from Congress is greater.

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