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Congress’ agony of going powerless

Kochi: The culmination of the Lok Sabha election has ended in a funny situation where the loser claims to be a winner while the real champion is not in a mood to respond.

Exploring possibilities of an impossible task of forming a government, the Congress-led I.N.D.I. alliance has mocked the Prime Minister for leading the BJP-led alliance to a defeat, political analysts said.

Instead of gracefully accepting the defeat or keeping quiet, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram has said that the mandate has sought Modi to step down from the post, they said.

Becoming a laughing stock for not acknowledging BJP’s 240 seats win, the  Congress is forgetting that it could not even cross the double digit figure of 99 despite tying up with major political parties like Samajwadi Party, DMK, AAP, RJD, Left parties, Trinamul Congress among others.

Major problem haunting the Congress-led front is its agony of keeping away from power for the last one decade and the next five years which is historic.

Rubishing the rumours of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu holding talks with the Congress-led front of offering support, a TDP leader said that in that case TDP would have tied up with Congress. He said that the TDP had shared power with the BJP in the past and had strong belief that Modi would be voted back to power.

The TDP and JDU’s resolve to support Modi to form the government has upset all maneuvers made by the I.N.D.I alliance to form a government, the analysts said.

In fact the Congress and its allies are facing serious challenge of keeping the parties united and prevent large-scale migration.

Whereas the BJP has mastered in keeping its partners under one roof. Much water has flown through river Yamuna after the 13-day government of late Prime Minister A B Vajpayee fell due to insufficient numbers in 1996 in a mission sponsored by the Congress backed by SP, RJD, and others, they said.

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