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Man kills son, family

Kochi: In a gruesome incident, a 80-year-old widower Hameed set afire his son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren at Thodupuzha in Idukki, police said.

He was having a bad relationship with son Mohammad Faisal.

Following this he wanted back the property that Hameed had bestowed to his son.

Hameed was living separately at a different place and returned to live with his son before committing the crime, media reports said.

On the day of the crime, he got up in the wee hours and closed the door of his son’s bedroom where other members of the family were sleeping.

He ensured that there was no water left for anyone to douse the fire. Later, he set ablaze the room using petrol that was stored by his son at home to sell in black market.

A neighbour who was called for help by Faisal’s daughters on phone was prevented by Hameed to put out the fire. He had to use force to set him free and carry out rescue measures.

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