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LDF’s Dr Joseph face opposition inDileep case

Kochi: LDF Thrikkakara candidate Dr Jo Joseph cut a sorry figure when a person countered his claim that he was with the survivor of actor abuse case.
Cardiologist Dr Joseph walked into the venue of people’s campaign seeking Justice for the survivor to extend his support for the movement being held at Vanji Square here.
Filmmaker Byju Kottarakkara, who presided over the programme, invited Joseph to the venue.
Utilizing the opportunity to flay the LDF government for not being serious about the actor abuse case, Byju Kottarakkara appealed to Dr Joseph to fight for the survivor.
Addressing the protesters, Dr Joseph just delivered a one line speech offering his support to the survivor. 
As he was getting down from the podium, an audience rushed towards Dr Joseph and said even Right Wing activist Rahul Eashwar claimed he was with the survivor but talked in favour of actor Dileep who is an accused in the case.
Dr Joseph kept silent and walked out of the venue.

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