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Governor alleges Kannur Varsity VC conspired to harm him

Kochi: In a major allegation, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan accused Kannur University Vice Chancellor Gopinath Raveendran of engaging in a conspiracy tol harm him.

Talking to reporters in New Delhi, Khan said the Vice Chancellor had hatched a conspiracy to harm him during the CAA agitation in New Delhi.

He said he got information from a very highest quarters about the plan. The Governor said that the VC was part of it as it was he who had invited the Governor.

The VC has not made a report about it, he said, expressing concern. He said the VC had crossed all the limits of decency and that he would move against him legally.

He alleged that the Vice Chancellor carried out many illegal things with political motives.
He said he would ensure the transparency of universities and he was working in that direction.

The Governor said he would execute the powers of a Governor according to ‘Dharma’ or duty.

He said he welcomed criticisms even from those close to him.

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