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Rly technicians fired for tampering signal system

Kochi: The Railways have fired two employees in Palakkad division for allegedly tampering with signal wires to settle scores with a senior engineer in the signal section.

Possible accidents endangering the lives of train travellers were averted due to timely detection of the problem.

The two accused, who were working in Ferok railway station, intentionally did it on March 24 after getting intoxicated, media reports said.

This was confessed by them during their  interrogation by railway agencies. 

Train operations were badly hit due to signal error causing immense problems to the passengers.

The connections were rectified by the signal engineering section and normal traffic restored in about three hours.

An investigation conducted by the railways found the involvement of the two. During the investigation process they were transferred to Manguluru and Palakkad.

After their complicity was proved they were shown the door. They pleaded for amnesty saying that they had done it under the influence of liquor.

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